“When I see a pretty girl walking down the street, I think two things: one part of me wants to take her home, be real nice and treat her right; the other part wonders what her head would look like on a stick.” Edmund Kemper, born in California in 1948, like most serial killers, has […]

  When we refer to Google, what are we actually talking about? What started off purely as a search engine evolved to a much wider extension, and today, Google can be described as a “software, technology, advertising and media company” (Lee,2011).  Google and Youtube, became the most visited websites in the internet (alexa.com). The company’s […]

Wikileaks is the most notorious case of hacking of all time. Since their ground-breaking release of classified documents, which exposed the dirty little secrets of well-recognised global personalities and institutions, they have certainly contributed to change the world. Many referred to the head Julian Assange as a cyber messiah, who believed in freedom of information and that […]

On 12th December 2012 I  interviewed Elliot Smith, the multimedia producer for The Guardian, only one of the most relevant publications in the British press. The focus was on how technology has been changing journalism and the way journalists do their job, which is everything this blog is about. I went asking him how technology had […]

While the Internet expands itself and becomes gradually the main mean to get your voice heard or for news to break, the competition gets wider and tougher. Adam Westbrook, lecturer in Journalism in Kingston University, gave Journalism students his perspectives on what they will face in the near future and how to stand out from the crowd. […]

Data Journalism has grown together with the new digital world, opening new possibilities to find engaging stories through data interpretation. International Data Journalism award-nominee Claire Miller, reporter at Media Wales, gave a lecture on this subject last November 7 to Kingston University Journalism students. Data Journalism can offer an easier way for journalists to tell a […]

A new and innovative type of technology is now threatening the journalistic world. Narrative Science has created a software that allows newspaper publishers to have a very effective alternative to ‘traditionally written’ reports. And a much cheaper one. After ten years of investigation, the Chicago-based American company fulfilled its goal by contributing one more step […]